A dream you dream alone is only a dream but a dream you dream together is reality



Not just another website but a dream of creating a fitness based community by ensuring that every member can interact with each other and even with me. Help each other to a fitness conscious society. I will find different ways of connecting people to this community so that more members will give you more information of their experiences.

Dont do

just Ask

We all wanna see someone do something before we try it right? Keeping this in mind this community will be about learn from others experience. I will put myself as the test subject and try a fitness based routine and then I will share my experience of it with you. In future others might join this and offer themselves for these experiments.


Fitness is for both the sexes.

Don't be sexist

This is not a gym based community. Fitness according to me means being in the best physique possible for you. So we will cover every aspect of fitness be it Weight training or taking care of your skin. So this community will be for both the sexes. Plus I guess everyone wants to be in a good shape right?