About Us

About us (Image of Ankush Sehgal

The motive of this website is to spread information and debunk some myths of fitness that people have. Also, I want to make sure that you enjoy your fitness journey that’s why I will tell you fun ways to stay fit so that you can stick with your goal. We pursue fitness because we want to be a better version of ourselves right? We want to keep doing our jobs and maintain a basic fitness level. If you are that person then you are my targeted audience.

Good health is a part of fitness, right? So, on this website, I will tell you tips and tricks on how to look healthy too. Knowing how to keep your skin/hairs healthy is also a part of fitness. I have tried different ways and I will be sharing my experience with you. But that’s not all, I will also share your experiences with my audience so that someone else can benefit from your experience. If you know a tip that worked for you then share with us and help others by sharing it with fiturself community so they can fit themselves 😉