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Burn Fat with Coconut Oil

Burn belly fat with coconut oil?

Sounds Insane right? Well just keep reading this article because I am not talking nonsense and there has been much research on the benefits of coconut oil and how it can help you lose that belly fat.

Let me start by informing you that the person who said that spot reduction is not possible, he is right in most of the cases but it is possible to burn belly fat with coconut oil. So if you want to target the abdominal fat, I recommend you to continue reading this article. I will also post an article on fasting, intermittent fasting and warrior diet. Those articles will be equally helpful to prioritize belly fat.

Some of you might know that all the oils are almost 100% fat. You are right there but a calorie is not always a calorie similarly fats are not always the same type of fat. If you want to know what coconut oil does inside your body then click here to download the PDF document by Mary G. Enig. The effects of coconut oil have been explained in detail (read only if you are a geek like me).

How does coconut oil help us burn more fat?

  1. Virgin coconut oil suppresses those hunger cravings which make you overeat. It makes you feel fuller for a longer time. Hence, by the end of the day, you end up consuming fewer calories. (I have observed this effect of coconut oil myself).
  2. Our body metabolizes the fat in coconut oil differently than the fat in other food sources. Coconut oil contains medium chain triglycerides instead of long-chain triglycerides. Even olive oil fails in this aspect because olive oil contains long chain fatty acids.
  3. According to some researchers, coconut oil is said to have thermogenic effects on us. This means that it raises our metabolism a bit which helps us burn more fat.
  4. If you have type 2 diabetes then coconut oil can help you a lot by reducing your carbohydrates craving.
  5. It has also been observed that the fat burning effects of coconut oil are seen majorly in the abdominal area which can spot reduce belly fat.

How to burn belly fat with coconut oil?

  1. After breakfast, drink black coffee mixed with 1-2 teaspoon of coconut oil.
  2. You can also drink this coffee before the workout.
  3.  How I use coconut oil:- Whenever I go on the ketogenic diet I add coconut oil after every meal to increase ketones in my bloodstream. This motivates my body to use fat as its primary energy resource. Plus, whenever I want to do the warrior diet, I add turmeric and coconut oil to my last meal.

Coconut oil has many other health benefits too which I will cover in another article. Try adding virgin coconut oil to your diet because after getting refined, many benefits are stripped away from it. I will post a link to the product which I use.