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Burn fat with Coffee

fiturself with coffee

Coffee is the cheapest, most widely available, natural fat burner in the market. Well, not exactly a fat burner but yes coffee helps in burning fat. In fact, it can target fat specifically if used correctly. I will tell you how to use coffee in the most effective way possible (my personal experience).

How coffee burns fat?

  1. It raises our core body temperature (just a little).This helps us in burning a little more fat.
  2. Coffee mobilizes fat within the body. Caffeine in the coffee helps in this process by sending direct signals to fat cells to start breaking down and release fatty acids into our bloodstream.
  3. Coffee contains Chlorogenic acid which may reduce the absorption rate of carbs.

There are many pieces of research (research conducted by the international journal of obesity)on the effects of coffee on our body. If you want to learn deeply about this then do let me know, I will post another article on the effects of coffee. After reading our method to use coffee effectively you can read the science behind it if you want from this link.

How to use coffee to burn fat?

This is the question for which you opened this blog right?

Well, you already know that coffee helps you burn fat by raising your metabolic rate a little bit and then by getting your stored fat cells to break down into fatty acids.

Hence the best time to drink coffee is when your body is more likely to choose to break fat cells over glucose. This is when your glucose reserves are depleted or you haven’t had anything to eat for hours.

fiturself with coffee:-

  1. Drink black coffee (coffee and water only) in the morning with 2 whole eggs. First eat eggs ( boiled, scrambled or omelet) and then drink coffee. Cook your eggs with virgin coconut oil.
  2. Add half spoon of coconut oil in your coffee if you want to enhance the fat burning and get added benefits from your coffee.
  3. After this wait for half an hour and then go to the gym. You can do High-intensity interval training or perform any fitness activity of your choice.
  4. High-Intensity Interval Training is recommended at this time because it prioritizes fat burning too. This means; coffee+coconut oil+ High-Intensity Interval Training= High-fat burning rate.

Note:- You can do your preferred fitness activity. If your fitness activity is supposed to be performed empty stomach then eat at least 4 whole eggs with black coffee. Add coconut oil to it if you can. You can eat more eggs if your chosen fitness activity requires you to consume more protein.