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Meditation: The Hindu Way

Why the Hindu way? What is so special about their way of doing meditation?

Well, I will answer this question with another question:
If you had to learn the theory of relativity, who would be the best teacher?
Einstein right?
If you had to learn how to dance then who would you choose to be your teacher?
Why Michael Jackson of course. Right?

Why them? Because Einstein gave the theory of relativity and Jackson, well he is often called the god of dance. They are best at what they do.

This is why I chose the Hindu way to be the topic of this post. Most of us are aware of the ancient history of the Hinduism and their deep connection with meditation. Here, I used the word connection because these days the link is getting weaker because not many Hindus practice meditation anymore.

I am a practitioner of this way and from my experience, it works. The target of this website is to tell you ways to get in shape naturally and according to me, if you can get in shape while meditating then there is no better way to fiturself. I have used meditation to lose weight ( this will be easy to digest) and to gain muscle ( this won’t be easy to digest and will require some research pills for you to be able to digest it). But before I get to why I chose the Hindu way of doing meditation to get healthy, I will tell you some facts about Hinduism.

  • Yoga was invented in Hinduism around 5000 years ago. It is mentioned in their sacred scripture, ” Rig Veda”. Want to know what is yoga? click here
  • Even the Indian gods perform yoga. “Shiva” who is one of the three main gods of Hinduism, was the was the first yogi hence he is also known as adiyogi.
  • If you google shiva, in the images section you will see that most of the time he is doing meditation. According to Hindu scriptures, Shiva could do meditate for years.

The more you do something the better you get on it. Today even Indians do not meditate. Only sages and very few people do meditation regularly or once in a while. The young generation considers meditation to be old-fashioned and feel that if someone sees them meditating then they will be laughed at.

But because of scientific and medical advancement, today we know the health benefits of meditation. I chose The Hindu way to meditate as my focus topic because the benefits that you can reap out from this are many. Meditation has many benefits but doing it the way Indian sages do can help you get more benefits out of it.

Benefits of meditation

  1. Meditate & improves your concentration. Use rosary beads and continuously chant any mantra. You will observe that it gets much harder to meditate. Your brain will be forced to focus on a single mantra. When you will keep repeating a mantra your brain will want to change the activity but when you will force your brain to keep doing the same activity, that will train your brain and improve your concentration.
  2. Shiva used it to reduce the stress and to connect with nature. Sometimes it is good to just relax and forget about all the tensions you have. It gives your brain some time to calm down. That will reduce a lot of diseases that we see today that are caused by high-stress levels. The day you will do meditation, you will see the world differently. I have been doing it for a while now. After meditation, I feel so relaxed that I feel like sleeping after meditation.
  3. If Meditation is performed in a different manner with a target like curing fever, can result in placebo effect and thereby helping you to get disease free without medication. Whenever I feel like I am having a stomach ache or I am going to get really sick (feverish, cold etc), I start meditating. I feel the relief after meditating. I even use meditation to reduce anxiety.

Meditation to lose weight

I prefer the Hindu way of meditation usually to lose weight or to gain muscle. Lemme explain how:-

  • TO Lose:-

    Continuous meditation on an empty stomach is very healthy. Your body gets some time off to relax for all the digestion that it has to do all the time. The benefits of fasting add with the benefits of meditation and result in lesser hunger cravings with a more relaxed state of our body.

  • I can easily fast for 24 hours but after that, I feel like I need some help to extend the fast, then I use meditation to control my hunger. Once it gets controlled I do not feel hungry for 5-6 hours. This is what I do when I want to do a full body cleanse. I will explain the benefits of fasting in another post but for now, understand that meditation can help a lot in that. Meditation makes you realize how less you actually need to eat to survive. You will respect food on a whole new level. Your control over your brain and your desires will increase substantially.
  • TO Gain:-

    The above paragraph is how I use meditation on my cutting phase, Now when I am trying to gain muscle, I meditate because I am eating all the time and now my body needs a well functioning digestive system. I meditate and concentrate on my body believing that my bodily functions will work more efficiently and placebo triggers in Meditation also reduce my metabolic activity for the time because I am staying still and trying to relax as much as possible. My heart rate and breathing rate slows down and my energy expenditure reduces. This helps me to gain weight because even if I am not eating enough carbs( because I do not want fat) just by eating protein-rich food I am able to stay on a calorie surplus. This is also the reason why I believe that it is possible to gain muscle on a ketogenic diet.

It is possible to get in shape even with meditation if done in the right manner. Obviously, in the above scenarios, my diet is completely different in both of them. If you want to read more about the scientifically proven benefits of meditation then click 1, 2, 3 or 4.