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Placebo Effects vs Nocebo Effects

Is It possible that you are depressed because you think that you are depressed? Are you actually sick because you believe that you are sick? Is it possible that you are unable to lose weight because you think you can’t? Is it possible to gain muscle just by thinking that your muscle mass is increasing?

Well, the answer to all these questions is yes.  These effects on our body are known as placebo effects and nocebo effects. No matter how hard it is to digest this but the fact remains intact. Our psychology plays a very vital role when it comes to our health.

Placebo and Nocebo effects have been proven by many kinds of research and observational studies. Please read this whole article and after that, if you want to know more then you can try these 3 embedded links.

Now lemme start by telling you what is placebo and nocebo effect:-

Placebo meaning:-

The placebo effects are basically the positive effects on our body of one’s belief. There is a saying that Impossible becomes possible if you believe hard enough”. Well, I won’t say that it completely fits, but up to an extent, it does. If I ask you that can you cure a disease with sugar pills then you will most probably say No. But with placebo effect this is possible. What happens is when you are told that a certain sugar pill is a medicine for fever placebo effect triggers. Then your body starts healing because you think that it is healing you.

Nocebo meaning:-

The nocebo effect, on the other hand, is completely opposite of placebo effect. When someone thinks negatively and believes that something bad is happening to them then the nocebo effect triggers. This happens when negative placebo occurs and patients instead of getting cured of that disease start getting more sick. At times they even develop symptoms that are not even related to the sickness. It is argued that nocebo effect can at times even result in death. Even if death is off the table, nocebo can still cause a headache, vomiting, nausea etc. This is probably the worst case scenario of negative thinking and maybe why our “old school” folks say “think positively”.

The above two paragraphs are also the examples of the placebo effect and nocebo effect. Other diseases where placebo effects have been observed are in Parkinson’s Disease, Irritable bowel syndrome, etc. These links will take you to some placebo effect studies.

This is all useless if you do not know how you can use the placebo effect to fiturself. Lemme tell you first that yes your psychology plays a big role in getting you in shape.

Placebo effects and how to benefit from them

  1. From what is written above you already know that placebo is a psychological phenomenon.  It all depends on your belief that what you are doing will affect you positively.
  2. All you have to do is believe that what you are doing is helping you to get in shape and placebo effect will trigger in and you will start getting in the shape you want to be.
  3. Now the tricky part is how to make yourself believe that what you are doing will help you to get in shape. Well, the simplest answer to that question is Meditation.
  4. The second way of doing that is following our website because all the tips tricks and hacks that are told on this website are research backed. If you do this then placebo will add up to actual effects of that lifestyle change 😉
  5. Now when I think back in time I have personally experienced placebo many times. My suggestion to you is whenever you are working out try to feel that body part as much as you can. Try imagining that with every repetition your muscle is getting pumped. Even when you are losing weight try to observe even the slightest bit of change. And above all, believe in yourself and in your diet. In our fiturself routine, I always say that believe that you can get in your desired shape and it will happen.

Nocebo effects:- the darker side of placebo effects

  1. The only message that I would like you to remember is, do not think negatively.
  2. In a study, patients were given sugar pills instead of medicine and they were told that they will face some side effects because of it. Shockingly almost all of the patients faced nocebo effects and started having nausea, vomiting, fever, headaches etc.
  3. There are some who argue that nocebo effect can even kill someone. If a patient before surgery is told that he won’t survive the surgery, the probability of him dying increases.
  4. If you believe that a certain diet or a certain fitness activity cannot get in shape then it won’t. There are many theories surrounding placebo and nocebo effects but what you need to know is that they are all theories.

Placebo or nocebo might happen to you or it might never occur. I feel that placebo and nocebo effect happens with me so I am a big-time supporter. I do meditation and I believe in the power of our brain to do things which we believe are impossible. My next article will be on meditation. Read that to know more about what meditation can do. Even if placebo and nocebo effects don’t occur on you, it still won’t hurt you to think positively and believe that everything will eventually turn alright.