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Types of Fasting

If you are reading this Article on types of fasting then I hope you have already read my previous article on what is fasting. If you haven’t read that then click here or use the search bar above and type “what is fasting?”.
I strongly recommend you to read it if you have any questions about why should you fast or any doubts like Is fasting good or bad. I have explained fasting in the best way possible in that article.

This article will cover the types of Fasting with a little bit description of uses and benefits of that type of fast. I have tried almost all the types of fasting listed below so if you want a detailed analysis+benefits of a certain type of fasting then do let me know in the comment section below.

Types of Fasting

  1. Intermittent Fasting
  2. Full day fast
  3. Alternate day fasting
  4. 36 hour fast
  5. Dry fast
  6. Long fasts ( for 3 or more than 3 days)

Intermittent Fasting:-

In Intermittent Fasting, we eat in a small eating window like 8-9 hours in a day and stay hungry for the rest of the day. This is the simplest form of fasting according to me. The time you sleep in the night is counted as the time you were hungry. So basically if you sleep for 10 hours then you have to control your hunger for only 5-6 hours.

Sounds easy right? well, it is not that easy for some people. It takes time for your body to adapt to this eating lifestyle.

Our body has a circadian rhythm meaning it has a set time to do every task. Have you ever noticed that you feel sleepy and hungry at a set time? But those students who study all night well their circadian rhythm has changed because they wanted to study at night. It takes time for your bodies circadian rhythm to set according to a new schedule.

So at first when you will start this intermittent fasting lifestyle, you will feel very hungry at you set time. You will feel the urge to eat. This will happen for 3-4 day and after that, you will get used to your new lifestyle. If you are like me then you will be able to start with a fasting window of 17-18 hours just with you sheer willpower.
But if you cant then just slowly build your endurance by starting with 12 hours fasting window first. Increase that window every day by 1 hour.

Why should you try intermittent fasting?
  1. It increases human growth hormone in your fasting window. The bigger the fasting window you have, the more human growth hormone will be secreted.
  2. It gives your digestive system some rest from all the work it does.
  3. It reduces your overall caloric intake thereby making you lose weight ( If you eat in moderation in your eating window)
  4. Blood insulin level drops a lot making you lose weight
  5. Do your chosen fitness activity in this fasting window and you will be able to amplify those fat burning effect.
  6. Before the workout, drink a cup of black coffee to get you energized for the workout and to increase fat burning. Coffee has no calories usually( read the label behind your coffee packet). It will not break your fast.
  7. Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated to cool down your hunger. You should drink plenty of water because you are not getting water from food anymore.

There are many benefits of intermittent fasting. If you want me to make a separate post for intermittent fasting then let me know in the comment section below.

Full day fast:-

This a fast of 24 hours. I usually start this fast at 6 pm. I usually drink turmeric and water to reap as much fat loss benefits out of it as possible. You can do the same before starting any fast on this post. Read my article on how to burn fat with turmeric.

This fast has all the benefits of an intermittent fast plus in this fast, the cells in your body start excreting waste of cells more efficiently. Not only that, the human growth hormone at this time gets really hight. A 24 hour fast can increase your human growth hormone at least 1000%. It can increase much more depending on the activities you perform throughout the day. If you can do HIIT workout with it then That will boost your HGH level even more.

Why do you need HGH? HGH is a hormone that is required by our body to grow. Human growth hormone can actually aid in your fat loss goals in many ways. If you are thinking that if it is possible to grow your body fat with HGH then the answer is no. It doesn’t work that way but you need HGH to increase your muscle mass. Yes even if you are a girl you need muscle. You will never get buffed like those professional bodybuilder girls because you are not injecting testosterone or any other synthetic hormone. Naturally, a girl can never be that buffed. You will just get that hourglass shape if you workout.

Do not do 24 hours fast more than 3 times a week. From my experience doing it more than that causes vitamins and minerals deficiency. It is important to suffice your daily requirement of vitamins and minerals in your eating window.

Alternate day fast:-

Well, this type of fast Is self-explanatory. You can lose weight with this strategy really fast just make sure that you are not eating like crazy on your eating day. In this method, you can employ the great HGH benefits which are achieved by fasting on alternate days while still keeping your vitamins and minerals in check.

Do not do this diet for more than a month. After a month shift to some other fasting practice for a while and then come back to this fasting practice. Just eat one day and fast on the next day and see the difference. Just remember to count your calories and stop yourself after completing your daily caloric requirement.

36 hour fast

I can write a lot on this type of fasting but I will try to summarize it as much as possible. From the title, you already know that we fast for 36 hours in this type of fasting. Some of the benefits are as under:-

  • The old cells inside your body start dying at this stage. It looks bad but it is not bad at all. Old cells just hog a lot of energy and do not give much to your body. When you start eating after this fast, your body starts making new cells which are strong and energy efficient. This is a great fast if you want your old damaged cells to die and give a fresh start to your body.
  • HGH level is very high up to this point but it starts dropping a bit after 36 hours of fasting. If you want to make sure that all the old cells die, then only continue this fast any further.
  • Your digestive acids and other waste will come out in your stool. It is a master cleanse because your body starts cleaning itself with the water you drink. Most likely your stool will not be in the solid state by this point and you will be able to see why this fast is very important to do every once in a while.
  • You will actually feel that your stomach feels really good stress-free. No matter how gross it sounds right now, it feels really amazing.

Dry Fasting

In dry fast, you are not allowed to drink water at all. Abstinence from food and water is must to do this type fast. Honestly, I never liked this fast very much so I never even tried it. I do not like it because I always felt that water is something that is required for cleansing but when I was doing research before making this post, I found out that dry fast is actually very healthy.
It has numerous health benefits and if you are skinny but still want to cleanse your body then try this fast because if you do not eat in moderation after this fast (permanently) then you will end up gaining weight.

Do you know that animals stop eating and drinking when they get hurt or sick? the reason is that they want their body to feel a different type of stress which forces quick healing mechanism. You are not even allowed to bath or brush in dry fast. Fat breaks down and makes metabolic water which is of very good quality, unlike the water we drink.

I will research more on this topic and then I will make another post on dry fasting vs water fasting. I will hyperlink this topic with the post once it is made so that you can directly open the post with just one click.


Long Fast (for 3 or more than 3 days)

I do not recommend this fast as I personally feel that this will result in the shortage of vitamins and minerals that will take a lot of time to cope. If you want to try this fast then do let me know in the comments section below about your experience.

Only do this fast once in a month and not more than that because doing it more than that can have some bad effects. I have only tried doing it once and on the 3rd day I dropped it. All the old cells will die by the 3rd day and the digestive juices will be very less inside our body. So try to eat in moderation and slowly increase your diet or unless you will end up upsetting your stomach.