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What is Fasting? Use Fasting to Fiturself

What is fasting? Why should you do fasting? Isn’t staying hungry unhealthy? Will I get weak while I am on a fast?

There are many myths and wrong conjectures about fasting and its effects on us. Questions like above may arise in your mind if you are not well informed about fasting.
I do fasting myself on and off and whenever I do not get the time for breakfast, I stay on a fast for the rest of the day and eat my meal in the evening. This is known as Intermittent Fasting. I will make a separate post on intermittent fasting so if you feel like adapting to this lifestyle then do visit that post after reading this one.

This article will cover the following topics:-

  1. What is fasting?
  2. Types of fasting
  3. Benefits of Fasting
  4. Drawbacks of fasting
  5. How to use fasting to get in shape?

What is fasting?

Fasting, if put it in simple words, is giving rest to your internal organs specifically to your digestive system. Some people will see it as just staying hungry and those who are not aware will even say that it is a diet that can kill you by starving you to death -_- … Yes, it is basically staying hungry but when you recommend fasting to someone they say-
Oh my god you want me to stay hungry???
If I won’t eat then I will Faint…
Do you want to kill me??? -_-
If you also think like this then please read this article with an open mind.

Now I will explain why I do not think of fasting as just staying hungry. We all eagerly wait for our weekend to come right? Because we all need rest from the hectic week of work and study. Imagine a situation where your boss decides that you won’t get a week off now.
What will happen? You will get frustrated, right? For a week you will cry about it but after a month or two, you will stop crying because you will get used to your new schedule. But working every day without any rest will slowly reduce your lifeforce and gradually you will get irritated and would want to quit the job.
You need a day off so that you can work efficiently in the office right? Well, the same thing happens in our body.

Our body works day and night to keep us alive ( till you get sick or die). Do you know that digestion is the most energy demanding process of our body? It takes a lot of energy to digest food which means it takes a toll on your body every time it has to digest food. This is the reason why it is said that a majority of our diseases originates from an unhealthy digestive system.

Sickness is our bodies way of saying that I need some rest so stop stuffing food. Will you demand more work when you are sick? No right? Then why would your body demand more work? This is the reason why you do not feel hungry when you are seriously sick.

And for those of you who think that fasting can kill you… If you are fat or even if you are skinny fat then you won’t even faint from fasting rest alone dying. Fat is just stored energy. Want to know how fat is stored? Then click here.

When you consume carbohydrates more than you need, your body starts storing up those excess carbohydrates in the form of fat. Our body saves the fat for a time when a famine or a food shortage occurs.
Thanks to all the development and technical advancement, food is available to us very easily than it was 1000 years ago.

This easily available food is very new in the vast human history where we never had regular food supplies. Our body still functions the same way it did thousands of years ago. You will just use that stored up energy you have (fat) which will also help you to get in shape. Calories in Vs Calories out is a general rule of thumb. If you won’t eat food and keep on doing your daily chores then your calories out will increase. This will force your body to use stored energy.
So the best way of losing that stubborn belly fat is very straight and simple. Just stop eating and start fasting.

Hence, Fasting is basically giving your body some time to relax. Now if you have decided that you will do fasting then the question arises what are the types of fasting. Choose the type of fast that you can do from the list below. With time I will hyperlink the fasting type with its own specific article.


(Types of fasting and how to reduce weight with fasting will be covered in the next post. Click here to get redirected to it.)